Let’s drive across the country!

Well today was my first day on the job here in Atlanta. For those of you who don’t know; I am currently in Atlanta, Georgia completing a paramedic internship. It is requisite to complete an internship to receive a degree from BYU-Idaho.

My journey out here started in Blackfoot, some 14 days ago. I spent three days driving across the country in Megan’s Honda; following my parents. Well it started out that way, until I found out that my sweet ol’ Dad didn’t know how to use the cruise control, so then he followed me. Three traffic stops later and I was following him again. It turns out the police forces of the mid-west have it out for those 24 year old paramedic interns driving black (or purple?) colored Honda’s. We drove straight into Raleigh, North Carolina to spend a couple days with Steph, Lon and Eden. Steph gave birth to her second child, baby Melody, on Friday the 15th of January at about 8:00 PM or shortly there after. The following Monday I made the 6 hour pilgrimage from Raleigh to Atlanta. It was an extremely boring drive. On the way driving became so stale that I came to the conclusion I would rather sell the car and fly home than spend another minute driving back west.
Upon reaching Atlanta I was drove promptly my future home at Armstrong Hall. I wasn’t in my dorm room there for five minutes before I felt like a missionary again; sitting all alone in a room in a building in a town where I knew no one. Then it came to me, my accommodations as a missionary were better than the ones here at Armstrong Hall. It’s straight up ghetto.
It gets old hearing nothing but sirens and shouting all day (and night). Being so close to the only level I trauma center in northern Georgia, there is a constant flow of ambulances coming and going from all different places. Here are some pictures illustrating the ghetto-ness of it all… (more to come)
Armstrong Hall

Ghetto Laundry Room

Ghetto Desk & Ghetto Kitchen (the kitchen is actually quite modern by ghetto standards)

Ghetto Bedroom

More Ghetto Bedroom

All in all, I am grateful to have a place to stay. It is actually very convenient, and very cost effective. I miss my family like crazy, but that is life and we are all making the best of it. For logistical reasons I am going to break up this post with the following one. I am going to try to keep track of my internship days in an individual post for each shift I work. So see the posts entitled “Internship Day #X” for clinical information about those shifts.
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  1. Joseph and Mary + Six says:

    Hey Dallen, Mary showed me this blog of yours. This is cool…and as far as the ghettoness, well that's ok. It'll make you like Rexburg more when you get back. And really it's not that bad, I noticed there's no bullet holes in the yellow crosswalk sign! – Joseph

  2. megaroo says:

    Aw, It's your smell-good blanket!

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