Mothers Day

So it being Mothers day, I thought I would preface this post by saying, my mother is the coolest! There are some other Mothers that I’m fond of as well, grandmothers, sisters, and friends mothers! It certainly does take a village to raise a child.

Well this is what’s new:

I have elected not to take the job(s) in Mesa right now. I’ve decided that I’m certainly a home-body and that there is to much going on this summer that I would miss. I’m working for my Dad & Mom right now, and also picking up shifts at the Fire Department. I’ve interviewed with Portneuf Medical Center for an Emergency Department Tech position (it’s exactly what I do at the Fire Department, only in a hospital setting). I’m hoping to land that job. So we’ll see what happens there. Life continues to be tough. I was reminded of my “quote” on my myspace page the other day… “Being mistreated is the most important condition of mortality. For eternity itself depends on how we view those who mistreat us”. I need to reapply this thought in my life. I suppose we all could. In regards to the school situation. BYU didn’t let me in (big surprise). I’m thinking I’ll be attending ISU this fall, and maybe this coming spring as well. I’m completley undecided as to where I will live. I could stay at home very easily, my friend Rhett has invited me to live with him in Wapello. Or I could live in Poki. I’ve never been a huge fan of Pocatello but it’s growing on me. And it would certainly make sense to live down there if i’m working and going to school there. So we’ll see. I’ve thought about Bengal Creek… any comments there? Can’t be as bad as the Ridge [ Lon 😉 ]. So Pocatello peeps, it’s time to hook up again! I refuse to let you all disappear, so hit me up!

Oh and I’ve still yet to come up with “revenge” for Stephanie, and let me re-affirm that I’m not attending Paul Mitchell. Sorry 🙁

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