Update on the Job Search

So I have been unemployed for two weeks today…But I think I know what I am going to do with my life… I have done a ton of thinking and praying about this. I’ve always been creative, and I’ve never really known how to express myself. So i’m really excited that I really think that I’ve found a way to express myself. Im sure every one is going to think this is a joke…So let me preface this by saying, THIS IS NOT A JOKE! Im sure there will be a few eye brows raised, but I really do feel strongly about it. My mission president told me before I came home that I should find what I am passionate about and really go for it. My brother-in-law Lon said pretty much the same thing…and it makes sense.

Thats why I’ve decided to move to Rexburg to go to school. Not for BYU-Idaho, but I’m really happy to tell you guys that I’ve been accepted to the Paul Mitchell Hair Academy!

Like I said…I really am excited about this, and so if you guys would just support me in this that would be great! NO, I’m NOT gay, but just think of all of the girls I’m gonna meet up there (just kidding Katie!) I really think it will be cool to open an old school barber shop in downtown Blackfoot even with one of those candy cane rotating pole things! It’ll be like an actual Barber Shop.

Again, thank you friends and family for all of your support. I cant wait to start school here in the next few weeks!

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  1. Beci says:

    Hey there so I’m excited you have found something you want to do. I’m sure lots of girls would love to have a guy that could do their hair for them. And there will be plenty to choose from in that area. Unfortunately I’m not really one of them. Don’t worry we can still spend lots of time together since as you know i get bored of my hair often.


    Dallen! This make me so happy! I have wanted to go blond for the longest time- but I’ve been waiting for someone that I trusted. A passionate person, like yourself, is just what I’ve been hoping for! How long does the school go for? I’m ready when you are 😉

    -Beci Eversole

  2. Dallen says:

    BIG trouble!

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