What about life?

The past few days I have been thinking a lot about some call’s I’ve run in the last little bit. Working as Paramedic is an awesome job, full of challenges and rewards. Often times it’s high stress- an environment I have come to thrive in. The majority of the calls I run don’t involve life and death decisions, though, when the time comes, I am amazed that the answer is always there. That’s not to say that people still don’t die when I take care of them (I wish it weren’t so). What I’m trying to describe is the feeling of calm assurance that comes when I need to make a quick decision that will effect someone else for the rest of their life.

At BYU-Idaho I show a short video to my Paramedic students that puts things in perspective. It’s one of the “I’m a Mormon” videos about a friend of mine, Lori McBride, a pediatric flight nurse. She shares something very interesting to me: “I have peace knowing that there is someone who takes away the pain. There is someone who takes on that burden.” As a Paramedic and a Mormon, I have often had thoughts similar to this. Despite our best efforts it’s all in the Lords hands. The Atonement is a wonderful thing, and something that I marvel at every day. I’m grateful that I have been given the opportunity to do the things I have. The Lord has blessed me with an enormous amount of talent that I certainly don’t deserve. Life is a wonderful thing!

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